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Snowfall Potential: January 21st & 22nd 2018

Hi all- a Winter Storm has it’s sights on the Upper Midwest for the late weekend and into the early work week.

Here’s what we know:

  • Someone has potential to get a lot of snow: What is a lot? Anywhere from 6-12″ or more.
  • This storm will come out of the Rockies: Bringing out ahead of it- a lot of warm air- which we are currently experiencing.
  • Afterwards: We cool down again.
  • The snow will be HEAVY: Heavy wet snow- aka ‘Concrete Snow’

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October 2015

Happy Saturday!

The roller coaster of fall temps continues! We had a hard freeze last evening in the metro and nearly all of MN–so if you left any plants outside, they may be in trouble. Even though we got cold, and remain cold today, we start to moderate tomorrow through Monday.  Monday will be a warmer day. This time of year, usually the warmer days are quite windy also, so keep that in mind. Some parts of SW MN could be in the mid 70’s to near 80 on Monday. In MSP, upper 60’s to low 70’s look possible. Some indications are that it could be even warmer. Read more

Wild Weather Continues


Many of you probably have Spring fever right now–and rightfully so, as it is Spring–on the calendar at least.  We have been above normal this week by a slight bit, with the exception of yesterday when we were quite a bit above normal.  We are about to get some active weather leading us into the weekend, and we may even conclude the weekend with some snow.  Don’t put away the shovel yet, as that may not be our only chance.  Last year we were shoveling in May, so I guess it isn’t anything new.

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Two storm chances next week–changes likely in forecast!!


The models have been hinting at two large storms next week–or, what we are really seeing is the likelihood of one large storm in multiple waves, split up like two separate storms.   These are generally impulses that spin up off of the main low pressure center—so we usually see multiple waves.  This is fairly common of large storms of this nature.

The ECMWF runs yesterday were pulling the brunt of the storm over MN near Halloween, with a preliminary part of the storm on Tuesday.  Now, the normally reliable ECMWF seems to pull it further away on Halloween and after.

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