Should you trust the Old Farmers Almanac?

Severe Weather: Wed July 11th/Thu July 12th

Posted: 8:30pm Wednesday 7/11/18.

It’s been a long time! As you can see- I just launched a new website here, and I plan to keep up the blog more- I promise!

Now- on to business.

Severe weather may be an issue overnight Wednesday into Thursday, and depending on how much leftover AM convection (storms) and cloudcover we have, it could alter the dynamics for Thursday. As of just recently, a Tornado Watch was issued for Northern Minnesota- so it looks to be a long evening up there.

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Snowfall Potential: January 21st & 22nd 2018

Hi all- a Winter Storm has it’s sights on the Upper Midwest for the late weekend and into the early work week.

Here’s what we know:

  • Someone has potential to get a lot of snow: What is a lot? Anywhere from 6-12″ or more.
  • This storm will come out of the Rockies: Bringing out ahead of it- a lot of warm air- which we are currently experiencing.
  • Afterwards: We cool down again.
  • The snow will be HEAVY: Heavy wet snow- aka ‘Concrete Snow’

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Update on Snowfall Potential for January 11th & 12th

Hey everyone- trying to avoid the hype here- and I know all of you are as frustrated as I am about none of these systems really panning out. After all- what is winter for in MN if we don’t have snow? I agree– very frustrating.

So- we saw this storm coming before it was even on shore- and now that it is- some things are coming into play more.

There’s a few technical things to consider, and when considering them, we have to look at model runs- which even right now, still have variables. So- with all of these complex factors in mind- snowfall forecasting ends up being very challenging, as each one of these variables evolves with each model run, and then there’s the realtime conditions when the storm actually moves in!

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Make Your Weather Source Work For You…

Hello everyone!

I am seeing a lot of posts about frustration over today’s storm online. Believe me– it frustrates me on the same level! These storms are very difficult to predict–and at the end of the day, people rely on their weather information and their weather source to make critical economical/safety/and travel decisions. We always go based on the data we have in front of us. Everyone–including the National Weather Service thought this storm was going to pack a punch. It still did–for some, but it definitely fell short for others. Dry air became a huge issue to overcome, and cut down on totals for many. As most of you know though, I always do my best to stay very close to each and every one of you and provide the best info possible–and I do it all for Free. I am not paid by a TV station for any of my efforts–or from my App. I do it for the passion and the love of the science, and of course, for you! Read more

Start Advertising on the BoKnowsWeather App!


As you may have recently seen, or perhaps you have even downloaded it–I have an app! Exciting! It is available on Android and Apple for FREE. This is not a corporately funded app, no major backers or funding–it was all produced by me and the loyal group of developer friends I have to provide my loyal fans with a cool app that works–is simple to use, and intuitive. I think we hit the mark. Read more

First shot at Severe Storms on Sunday

Hey everyone-

I hope you’re enjoying Spring so far. It seems pretty typical for MN to me. Random warm streaks, followed by cool–all of the stuff that often makes us question why we all live here. Don’t worry–we should be thru that soon enough.

The streets have been swept and neighborhood gardens planted–it has to stay warm now, right? :)

The first shot at ‘Marginally’ Severe storms could show up for Southern MN tomorrow (Sunday 4/24). Just enough humidity creeping up along a warm front, and enough dynamics nearby to create some potentially severe storms. Read more