Snowfall Potential: January 21st & 22nd 2018

Hi all- a Winter Storm has it’s sights on the Upper Midwest for the late weekend and into the early work week.

Here’s what we know:

  • Someone has potential to get a lot of snow: What is a lot? Anywhere from 6-12″ or more.
  • This storm will come out of the Rockies: Bringing out ahead of it- a lot of warm air- which we are currently experiencing.
  • Afterwards: We cool down again.
  • The snow will be HEAVY: Heavy wet snow- aka ‘Concrete Snow’

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Update on Snowfall Potential for January 11th & 12th

Hey everyone- trying to avoid the hype here- and I know all of you are as frustrated as I am about none of these systems really panning out. After all- what is winter for in MN if we don’t have snow? I agree– very frustrating.

So- we saw this storm coming before it was even on shore- and now that it is- some things are coming into play more.

There’s a few technical things to consider, and when considering them, we have to look at model runs- which even right now, still have variables. So- with all of these complex factors in mind- snowfall forecasting ends up being very challenging, as each one of these variables evolves with each model run, and then there’s the realtime conditions when the storm actually moves in!

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